Washer Decontaminator

Scientek’s 4600 series of washer decontaminators have been designed to combine greater processing capacity with multi-cycle programming options. Processing of surgical instruments, cannulated instruments, anaesthesia items, basins, pans and utensils can now be handled quickly and efficiently in this well designed washer. With a capacity to handle up to eight instrument baskets per load and an average cycle time of 26 minutes, the Sw-4600 washer delivers excellent performance within a compact cabinet. Scientek’s process control system allows maximum flexibility while retaining tight control over cycle time, guaranteed temperatures and chemical additives. Whether you are considering a single washer or multi-washer, automated system Scientek’s SW-4600 will meet the demands of today’s busy hospitals and clinics.

High Capacity with Multi-Level Adjustable Loading Racks

The 4600’s washing compartment is sized to handle up to eight standard instrument baskets on a four level loading rack. Each rack has removable shelves and lift-out spray arms so that it can be adjusted to accept larger loads. A wide assortment of accessory loading racks and transport equipment is available. Scientek’s mobile transport carts make it easy to move loaded header racks from work stations in the decontamination area to the washer, then from the washer to wrapping tables on the clean side.

Quick Cycle Times

Each Scientek washer is equipped with a built-in heat exchanger to instantaneously boost normal hot water to the higher temperatures required during the decontamination rinse. During that stage of the cycle, the washer fills with fresh hot water that is already at or above 190°F/88°C. Most other washer fill at 140°F/60°C and delay the cycle until they correct the temperature in the sump. The Scientek system is faster and allows the full process cycle to be completed in under 26 minutes.

Reliable Controls with Multiple Cycle Choice

Scientek's micro-processor controls are built to our specifications by one of the worlds leading electronics groups. Our touch pad processor allows you to choose from multi-cycles and is easily adjustable to preset processing times, temperatures and chemical additive pumps. An optional strip chart printer with take-up spool will collect all cycle data for record keeping purposes. We offer a desktop printer which can be located in a nearby office with a cable connection through the service area or drop ceiling, if you choose. As an added measure of safety, modification of the process cycles is protected from misuse by unauthorized personnel.

Thorough and Efficient Spray Pattern

Scientek’s engineers have selected a stainless steel fluid recirculation pump that provides excellent coverage to all areas of the wash load. Rotating spray arms direct an effective but gentle wash throughout the cabinet. Automatic chemical injection pumps will add enzyme solution, alkaline or acidic detergent, and milk lube fluid at the appropriate stage of the process. Two pumps are standard with the Scientek washer, additional pumps are optional. All pumps are controlled and preset using the microprocessor.

Convection Air Drying Cycle

The Scientek washer has a very efficient drying cycle which circulates heated air in a convection pattern throughout the washer chamber. Although the interior of the washer can reach temperatures of over 225°F during the drying step, the thermal pane insulated glass door and cabinet insulation keep the washer safe to touch and the room comfortable to work in. Naturally, the drying step can be deleted or lowered during the processing of heat sensitive goods.

Scientek SW 4600 Automated Loading Systems

Scientek's Sw-4600 washer can be installed in combination with a number of automated loading systems.

Automated load and unload modules are available in single or double rack configurations. Scientek’s SW-4600 is fitted with power doors as standard which allow the load and unload modules to be added at the time of original installation or at some point in the future. All loading modules are fully enclosed stainless steel cabinets which power the loaded instrument and utensil racks into the washer using a pneumatic arm. These modules are built to meet seismic design and all components are sealed for easy clean up.

For applications where a custom system is required, Scientek’s equipment designers can review room layout and flow with the supervisory staff to develop a fully automated rack loading and return system to meet the needs of that particular facility. Custom designs can include powered or non-powered conveyors of any length, as well as loading rack and basket return conveyors. All components of the system, work together to provide maximum processing capacity in the space available.

Scientek automated loading systems can be ordered with an optional cycle identification system which will recognize the loaded rack by infra-red sensor and will automatically assign the correct processing cycle to that rack. Individual cycles can be preset for time, temperature and chemical additives in the washer’s micro-processor memory.

Scientek also designs and builds stainless steel load assembly stations, instrument sorting and wrapping tables, counters, and transfer carts, all of which can be incorporated into the overall sterile processing room design. Please contact your Scientek representative for additional information on these items.

Loading Racks

Standard Four Level Rack Two Level Rack
Canulated Instrument Rack Instrument Container Rack
Three Level Rack Anesthesia Equipment Rack