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The standard pass thru window comes in four standard sizes.  Other sizes are available upon request.  Unit is constructed of 14 ga. T-304 stainless steel, all welded and ground to polished finish.  Pass thru body compartment is a liquid tight tunnel with integral wall flanges on both ends for wall mounting.  Solid stainless steel, or stainless steel with plexiglass window doors are featured.  (Specify which type when ordering).  Doors are mounted on heavy duty stainless steel piano hinges and chrome-plated latches.  A unique “interlock” system is available (upon request) on all Scientek pass thru units.  This feature allows only one door at a time to be opened, therefore, reducing chances of contamination.  Units are also designed to provide seal-tight, maximum protection against dust filtration.

Built-In Equipment:

  • Liquid tight / seal tight body and doors
  • View window in doors (plexiglass / plate glass)
  • Chrome plate door latches
  • Integral wall mounting flanges

Optional Equipment:

  • Manual Interlock on doors
  • Amber windows (ultra violet shielding)
  • Solid stainless steel shelves (adjustable)
  • Chrome plated or s.s. wire shelves (adjustable)
  • Recessed lights (built into pass thru integrally)
  • All custom features required are built to customer specifications.

Standard Model Available:

  • SPC-100


Click to download brochure:


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