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Scientek stainless steel instrument cabinets are designed to provide maximum convenience and versatility.  All floor and wall models come complete with stainless steel adjustable shelves, hinged or sliding (glass or solid) doors, and security locks.

If you have special requirements, our custom fabrication department is prepared to design and manufacture instrument cabinets to your specifications.

  • Dimensions:  any sizes to suit your requirements
  • Configuration:  to suit specific room layout
  • Shelves:  additional number required
  • Door:  number, type, construction

Standard Models:

  • SCW-30 (Wall Model)
  • SCF-80 (Floor Model)


  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Locking Seismic Anchoring


Click to download brochure:


Buy Adipex Canada Online

Buy Diazepam Reddit