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SAT-500 The University Air-Ventilated Model













SLAT-1500 L-Shape Combination Autopsy & Dissection Table











Standard Models Available:

  • SIC-24  – Island Mortuary Counter
  • SAT-50 – The Hospital Model 11
  • SAT-100  –  The Hospital Model
  • SAT-100U  –  The Utility Model
  • SAT-500A  –  The University Air-Ventilated Model
  • SAT-1000AR     –  Pedestal Autopsy Table with Height Adjustment and 180° Rotation
  • SLAT-1500         –  L-Shape Combination Autopsy & Dissection Table
  • SMAT-1982        –  Mobile Autopsy Table
  • SMAT-1982AH  –  Adjustable Height, Mobile Autopsy Table


Click to download brochure:


Buy Diazepam Reddit










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Buy Diazepam By Paypal