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A wide body tray that is designed for use with Scientek autopsy stations and Scientek #SMT-1700 Mobile Dissection Table.


Body tray is constructed of heavy 14 ga. T-304 stainless steel, ground to a mirror finish.  Edges are rolled and welded for maximum strength and ease of handling.  Corners are all coved for convenient cleaning.  Each tray has its own sump end with drain outlet for correct and efficient drainage.

Undersides of the rolled edges on both sides of the body tray form flat running surfaces to accommodate rollers of Scientek model #SSR-4 Mortuary Storage Rack.


Scientek #SDT-2000 dissection body trays can be used simply as a standard hospital body tray for body storage in mortuary coolers or standard body lockers.  Its wide body construction also makes it available for use in conjunction with a Scientek #SMT-1700 Mobile dissection table.


31″ wide x 82″ long (787mm x 2083mm)


  • Hand holds for lifting at each end.
  • Drain catchment pan.

Standard Model Available:

  • SDT-2000


Cheap Xanax In Mexico



Phentermine Kopen Belgie