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The Scientek Cadaver Hoists are used to power lift cadavers from body trays into a morgue refrigerator.  Provides automatic uniform four point vertical lift.


  • Built in digital weight scale (kilos & pounds)
  • Mobile linear travel (manual or automated)
  • Lifting body straps
  • Aluminum lifting body lifters
  • 90° Body Rotation
Cheap Xanax In Mexico

SCH-VHT Vertical & Horizontal Lift Travel Cadaver Hoist













Standard Models Available:

  • SCH-VT Vertical Lift Travel
  • SCH-HT Horizontal Lift Travel
  • SCH-VHT Vertical & Horizontal Lift Travel
  • SCH-VHTR Vertical & Horizontal Lift Travel with Rotation


Click to download brochure:


Phentermine Kopen Belgie








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