Cadaver Storage Racking


Standard Models Available:

  • SMC-4    Mobile Carrier
    Scientek SMC-4 Mobile Carrier holds four standard #SDT-2000 Dissection Body Trays.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the Scientek #SSR-4 Mortuary Rack.
  • SMR-2     Mobile Two-Tiered Cadaver Stretcher/Storage Rack
    A two-body cadaver transport cart/rack that can be used for convenient transportation or simple storage of bodies.  Its portability allows it to be used in rolled-in/walk-in refrigerated rooms and as storage racking during overhead situations.
  • SSR-4     Mortuary Storage Rack
    (Ideal for Teaching Hospitals/University Anatomy Department)
    An up-to-date version of the standard body storage rack, utilizing the latest techniques in the storage and handling of cadavers.  The #SSR-4 Mortuary Rack combines with the Scientek #SDT-2000 Dissection Body Tray, #SMT-1700 Mobile Dissection Table, # SFM-2000 or SWM-2500 Dissection Station to form an integrated system which allows the cadaver to remain on the same tray from the time it was initially received through the autopsy sessions, and the final disposition.
    The modularly constructed #SSR-4 Storage Rack can be combined in many ways for expansion to a larger assembly to suit any body storage room / locker.
  • STR-4     Telescopic Carriage Mortuary Rack
    Scientek STR- Telescopic Carriage Mortuary Rack holds four Scientek #SBT-2000 body trays or any standard hospital body tray.
    The free standing, modular four body sections can be combined in any numbers to suit the hospital’s needs.  It is ideal for use in any standard body storage room, and can also be adapted to any end opening body locker-refrigerators.

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