Dissection Stations Fixed & Mobile

Scientek custom manufactures various models of dissection stations to suit your specifications.


SDG-100 Single Compartment Dissection Sink with SMT-1700AM Mobile Dissection Cart & Body Tray


SWM-3000 Wall Dissection Station with SMT-1700AM Mobile Dissection Cart & Body Tray

Standard Models Available:

  • SWM-2500     Wall Dissection Station  –  Sink at one end (Specify left or right)
  • SWM-3000     Wall Dissection Station  –  Centre Sink

A deluxe autopsy station with a built-in sink, dual work stations with sloped drainboards, perforated drain trays, thermoplastic cutting boards, instrument drawers, gooseneck faucets, hydro aspirator with suction/rinsing features, and drainboard rinse nozzles and control valves.

  • SDS-100     Single Compartment Dissection Sink

Designed to be used with all of Scientek’s mobile dissection tables; this dissection sink can be incorporated as part of the Scientek “Integrated Body Handling system”.  The sink combines all the necessary features required to complete any autopsy.  The simple and efficient design allows for easy cleaning and durability.

  • SMT-1700           Mobile Dissection Table & Body Tray
  • SMT-1700AH     Mobile Dissection Cart & Body Tray (Adjustable Height)

A versatile, mobile body cart with its own stainless steel body tray, swivel, locking 8″ (203mm) casters, and heavy stainless steel construction for durability.  Designed for use with Models SWM-2500, SWM-3000 Dissection Stations and SDS-100 Dissection sink, or as a mobile dissection table for the anatomy department.

  • SDT-1800           Anatomy Dissecting Table
  • SDT-1800HC     Anatomy Dissection Table with Hood Covers

A basic dissecting table best suited for the anatomy class.  Heavy duty gauge stainless steel welded construction allows for easier cleaning and durability.  Table comes complete with all the standard classroom accessories.

  • SMAT-1982           Mobile Autopsy Table
  • SMAT-1982AH     Mobile Autopsy Table (Adjustable Height)

A basic mobile autopsy table with movable body slat supports, movable head rest, removable drain container and large diameter swivel casters.  This unit is designed for use in conjunction with the SWM-2500, SWM-3000 Dissection Stations and SDS-100 Dissection Sink.

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