Indexing Cart Washer/Dryer

The Scientek Indexing Cart Washer/Dryer is fully automated and complete with dual chambers; a floor loading hydrospray washer and a dryer.  This unit is designed to wash, rinse and dry both open and closed carts.  Carts are automatically advanced from the entry position to the wash/rinse chamber, to the dry chamber and finally to the exit position by an automatic in-floor belt conveyor.  The belt conveyor is capable of queuing up to four carts at both the entry and exit positions.  Carts, once properly positioned in the entry queue, are automatically processed without further operator attention.


SW262BC Indexing Cart Washer/Dryer


The washer is capable of automatically washing, thermal rinsing and drying between 12 to 15 carts per hour on a continuous basis depending on degree of cart soiling and overall cart length.  Typical loads will exit the dryer section every ten to twelve minutes.

Cabinet Size

Maximum cart size:
32″ (814mm) W x 30″ (765mm) H x 63″ (1600mm) L
(doors latched open).

Washer shall be able to fit into the provided washer pit size of:
130″ (3300mm) W x 30″ (765mm) D x 181″ (4600mm) L

Note:  Custom sized washer/dryers may be designed to suit various applications.  See factory or representative to determine if custom sizing is required.


  • Simple touch controls
  • Full display cycle and diagnostics
  • Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection
  • Colour screen control interface
  • Event, time and temperature displayed
  • Modern connection for factory upgrades

Standard Model Available:

  • SW262BC Indexing Cart Washer/Dryer

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