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The washer is capable of automatically washing, thermal rinsing and drying between 12 to 15 carts per hour on a continuous basis depending on degree of cart soiling and overall cart length.  Typical loads will exit the dryer section every ten to twelve minutes.

Cabinet Size

Maximum cart size:
32″ (814mm) W x 30″ (765mm) H x 63″ (1600mm) L
(doors latched open).

Washer shall be able to fit into the provided washer pit size of:
130″ (3300mm) W x 30″ (765mm) D x 181″ (4600mm) L

Note:  Custom sized washer/dryers may be designed to suit various applications.  See factory or representative to determine if custom sizing is required.


Cheap Xanax In Mexico

  • Simple touch controls
  • Full display cycle and diagnostics
  • Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection
  • Colour screen control interface
  • Event, time and temperature displayed
  • Modern connection for factory upgrades


Standard Model Available:

  • SW262BC Indexing Cart Washer/Dryer


Click to download brochure:


Phentermine Kopen Belgie


Buy Green Xanax Bars Online