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Scientek custom manufactures any type of Wash Station to suit your specifications.

Unit is constructed of T-304 stainless steel, all heli-arc welded and ground to a #4 polished finish.

Optional Accessories:

  • Drain boards (left/right/or both sides)
  • Coved sinks (sizes & quantity)
  • Inner sink strainer baskets
  • Storage over-shelves
  • Storage under-shelves
  • Task lighting
  • G.F.I. utility outlets
  • Gooseneck swivel faucets
  • Handheld spray water hose
  • Handheld air nozzle blow gun
  • Hand/foot or knee operated hot & cold water controls
  • Proximity water controls
  • Eye wash

Standard Model Available:

  • SWCS-160 Stainless Steel Counter c/w Sink


Click to download brochure:


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