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Scientek’s Washer Decontaminators have been designed to combine greater processing capacity with multi-cycle programming options. Processing of surgical instruments, cannulated instruments, anesthesia items, basins, pans and utensils can now be handled quickly and efficiently in the well designed washer.  With a capacity to handle up to eight (8) instrument baskets per load at a variable cycle time of 12-16 minutes, the washers from Scientek deliver excellent performance.




Cheap Xanax In Mexico The Allen Bradley Micro-Processor control system allows maximum flexibility of cycle times and guaranteed 180°F rinse temperature.

Whether you are considering a single washer or a multi-automated washing system, Scientek’s SW3610 and SW4600 series will meet your washing needs.

The SW-4600a auto-washer decontaminator combines high capacity with quirk processing time and multiple loads to meet the demands of today’s healthcare facilities.


  • SW3610 Available in single drop down door or double door pass-thru option
  • SW4600 Available in single vertical lift door or double door pass-thru option
  • Sizes shown are for two (2) door machines and includes dryer option fitted
  • When vertical lift door is open, height increases to 89′ (2261mm)



Table of washer cabinet models to help you plan your facility.



Click to download brochure:


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