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Scientek’s model #SW4600 Washer Decontaminator can be ordered with a fully automatic conveyor loading and unloading system to be compatible with one or more SW4600 washers. To enhance this automated system, return your headers with a header return conveyor and pass through window.

After header is processed and instruments are removed within sterile room, empty headers can be automatically returned to soiled side for re-loading and processing.

SRC-100 Return Conveyor
c/w SPW-100 Pass Through Window

SRC-100 Return Conveyor
c/w SPW-100 Pass Through Window & BH-46-4

This system can be linear or carousel oriented to suit operations.
Greatly improves productivity with less manual handling. Conveyorized system shown, also available as Pass Through Shelf or Manual Slide Bed Return.
Please consult the factory or your local Scientek representative for assistance with system layout and design.
All systems are custom made to suit the room layout and flow pattern.
Standard Models Available:
SRC-100 Return Conveyor
SPW-100 Pass Through Window

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