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Scientek offers a complete line of standard and custom designed Downdraft and Backdraft Necropsy Tables and Stations to meet every application. They are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen using the finest material and components. Each model is thoughtfully designed to offer a perfect combination of form and function. Our attention to detail is reflected by the incorporation of the latest innovations in ergonomics; from the “Height Adjustment” feature to suit each individual user, to locating accessories such as sinks, faucets, spray hoses & nozzles, eye wash unit, gas & air cocks, electrical outlets, computer & data ports, controls and switches within easy and comfortable reach of the user.

Click to download brochure:

Standard Models Available:

  • SNTP   Necropsy Table Pedestal Base Series
  • SNTH  Necropsy Table height Adjustable Series
  • SBS      Backdraft Containment Cabinet Series
  • SBT      Backdraft Table Series
  • SNT      Necropsy Table (Down Draft Series)
  • Custom


Buy Adipex Canada Online


Phentermine Kopen Belgie

SNTH Series Necropsy Pedestal Base

Buy Diazepam Reddit

Buy Adipex Over The Counter