Glassware Washers

SW3000 Glassware Washer

SW3000 Glassware Washer

Versatility and Performance
Years of field experience in hospitals, research laboratories and other facilities where the highest standards of performance, dependability and minimum maintenance are required have confirmed the versatility, performance and dependability of the SW3000 Glassware Washer series.

Available in single door or two door pass-thru configurations this Washer series will provide the cleaning performance you need with a minimum of maintenance.


*   Full display cycle status and diagnostics
*   Pre-programmed 6 cycle selection
*   Event, time and temperature displayed

Standard Models Available:

  • SW3000 (Washer only)
  • SW3002 (Washer only)

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SW4600 GWD Glassware Washer/Dryer

SW4600GWD Glassware Washer & Dryer

Scientek glassware Washer Dryer has been designed to combine greater wash processing capacity with same chamber drying. The multiple 10 cycle touch selection gives the user the flexibility required for processing various loads.

smartcontroller  The reliability of the Allen-Bradley microprocessor control system, together with the “Smart Control” Panel View 600 colour touch screen interface gives the operator simple working instructions and informative feedback.

The viewing screen shows at a glance cycle information, time duration, temperature, lapse time, chemical treatment and other cycle parameters.


Standard Models Available:

  • SW4600GWD (Washer & Dryer)

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