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By definition, there are inherent qualities you expect to find in a well designed laboratory glassware washer: a powerful and effective spray pattern, versatile cycle programming, ease of maintenance and long equipment life. However, processing of glassware and equipment to cGMP standards demands more.

Scientek understands the cleaning requirements and process validation that cGMP washers must provide. Our engineers have designed a full range of washers and accessories to meet and exceed cGMP standards. We also recognize that our commitment to the client exists not only at the time of purchase but throughout the years of our association.

Washer Control System:

Cheap Xanax In Mexico  *  Simple touch controls
*  Full display cycle and diagnostics
*  Pre-programmed 10 cycle selection
*  Colour screen control interface
*  Event, time and temperature displayed
*  Modern connection for factory upgrades


Buy Adipex Canada Online

Custom Models Available Upon Request

Click to download brochure:


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